Automate Cash Posting with RDC 2.0. and Mobile RDC for Remote Deposits

A $55 Billion Wholesale Company

Learn how a $55.3 Billion wholesale company leveraged mobile RDC to achieve 85+% automation for processing remote deposit payments across 72 operating companies




“For the first time in our history, we are able to use complete remittance information for accurate, straight-through cash application!”

Senior Director, Business Technology, Finance,
A $55 Billion Wholesale Company


Key Challenges with Check Processing

  • Decentralized cash posting process for each of the 72 business units
  • Multiple deposits accounts with customers paying for each business units using different checks
  • Cash posting without using remittance information
  • Internal auto-match algorithms were used to match remittances using payment amount resulting in low on-invoice hit rate of 30-40%
  • Team was unable to post cash the same day
  • Multiple checks scanning for depositing checks and research and retention purposes
  • Cash posting was inaccurate; lots of claims were not processed accurately and the team spent 50% of the time correcting the A/R
  • Deduction coding was manual as SAP setup had minimum mapping table

Results Across the Board

Results Across the Board


Automate Cash Posting with RDC 2.0

Major Challenges with Processing Checks (NET Deposit)

Major Challenges with Processing Checks


  • Low cash application hit-rate: 30-40%
  • Check and remittance scanned separately
  • Remittance information not used – algorithms resulted in misapplication
  • Separate payments for separate operating companies


Remote Deposit Capture 2.0. – How it Works

Instead of scanning and processing checks manually


Here is how RDC 2.0. works:

Step 1. Scanning:

  • Scan checks and remittances together in one batch.
  • Data captured with high accuracy due to inbuilt Magnetic strip based MICR capture and OCR based data capture.

Step 2. Transmission of enriched file

  • Electronic index file for internal cash application auto-created
  • Enriched electronic file in bank-compatible ICL (Image Cash Letter) format auto-created to be forwarded to bank.

Step 3. Real-time cash application

  • Electronic index file auto-matched with scanned remittance information
  • Open A/R invoice details auto-pulled from ERP
  • Payment details individually auto-linked open A/R line-items
  • Cash auto-posted in the ERP

Automate Cash Posting for Remote Deposits with Mobile RDC

Major Challenges with Remote Deposits

Major Challenges with Remote Deposits


  • Inability to use remittance information for cash application
  • Multiple payments for different operating companies and for different banks
  • Impact: Slow cash application and high value of unapplied cash despite already being collected


Mobile Remote Deposit Capture – How it Works

Instead of struggling to match the payments to the respected invoices in ERP without using the remittance information, the wholesale company decided to leverage Mobile Remote Deposit Capture technology to collect payments as and when their delivery executives delivered goods. Here is how this technology works:


Mobile Remote Deposit Capture



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