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Cash Application Cloud

Invoice Matching

Match payments with open invoices the same day they're received, everytime


Achieve 95% posting rate with Artificial Intelligence-enabled invoice matching at the line-item level

Map the open invoice with the payments received at the line-item level, identifying deductions, discounts, and any inconsistencies for individual line-items.

Apply cash accurately even with incomplete or incorrect data

In the absence of an invoice number, AI-based A/R matching matches payments to open invoices using non-reference data (such as Sales Order number, Purchase Order number, or shipment details), partial/truncated reference numbers or even junk data.

Stay prepared for complex payment scenarios across industries

Automatically match payments to invoices even in the most complex scenarios including complex parent-child relationships, pre-payments, installments, and alternate payers.

Enable accurate cash forecasting with same-day cash application for all payments

AI-based invoice matching closes invoices the same day the payment is received, enabling resources to focus on strategically important A/R operations.

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Five simple steps for invoice matching

Step 1

Extract payment files from banks for checks and e-payments

Pull EDI and Lockbox files from all your banking partners to a single source of truth

Step 2

Capture remittances across multiple sources and link them with payments

Pull remittances coming in through scanned check stubs, through email, or hosted on customer websites or A/P portals and link them with the corresponding payments

Step 3

Match payments with open invoices using three-way match

Close open invoices by linking data captured from the payment, remittance, and ERP A/R extract

Step 4

Identify and map deductions and short payments

Identify deductions taken on payments based on short-payments or over-payments and assign them a reason code your ERP understands.

Step 5

Post cash directly to your ERP

Generate enriched files in formats that are compatible with any ERP including SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, Infor, Sage, and other legacy systems and post cash directly to the system, eliminating time and productivity loss in manually changing file formats.

This is Why A/R Teams Love Us


The cash application team at Johnsonville Sausage reduced the time spent on cash posting from 40 hours to 17 hours with 80% of the dollars applied without any manual intervention.


Johnson & Johnson achieved 95% auto-posting of payments.

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