20% Reduction in Bad Debt: Staples’ Collections Automation Journey with AI


George Uko

Manager of Credit & Collections,


v0:01] George Uko: Okay, I want to start by introducing myself, I am with Staples- promotional products. As I go through the presentation, keep in mind, Staples-promotional products, anything with your company logo is what we do. So I'm not with the paper side of the store side, we are with the promotional side. So it's an interesting experience as far as what we've been through with HighRadius and hopefully as I go through my slides, you could see what I'm referring to. [0:36] George Uko: Okay, for our agenda, what we're going to talk about, we're going to go into what we were looking for what we call the two-fold plan of the executives, what we were looking to accomplish by going with HighRadius, we had some very straightforward agenda that we wanted to go through to achieve. Another thing we wanted to do was to see as far as some of the different challenges, just like any organization, anytime you switch as far as your automation or get into automation, you're going to run into some different issues. So we're going to go over some of our different challenges, and then the other thing, which is a good…

What you'll learn

  • How Staples reduced DSO by 6 days through AI-enabled collections
  • How critical accounts are auto-transferred to 3rd party collection agencies

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