Are You Interpreting DSO Correctly? Tips to Leverage DSO to Fasttrack Collections


James Robinson

Lhoist North America

Alicia Geades

Sr Credit Manager,
Lhoist North America

Bernardo Aguilar

AP/AR Manager,
Lhoist North America


[0:00] Monica: Welcome, everyone. Thank you for joining today's session on how organizations commonly misinterpreted DSO and how to analyze it properly. This is a difficult word to say when you are not English or American. Let me introduce you to the speakers today. So Lhoist is a primary leader in minerals and adult line production, and today we have three speakers from last. James Robinson is a treasurer, Alicia Geades is a credit manager, and Bernardo Aguilar is AP/AR manager. I will leave you guys on the stage. [0:41] James Robinson: Thank you very much. So welcome today. Talk about a couple of things here today. But mostly about DSO. A little bit about the last before we started out. As she said, Monica said we are a leader in line and make roles, global presence headquartered out of Belgium, our LA or North American headquarters are here in Fort Worth very close to us. So, we're local crew today. So, we manufacture lime, which is manufactured by mining limestone, and then calcining it or burning it to make calcium oxide, which is what you know is lime. So, used in a myriad of products, you touch it every…

What you'll learn

  • Real-life instances of how organizations misinterpret DSO
  • How Lhoist achieved 5X collector’s productivity through automation

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