Building Best-in-Class Credit & Collections Teams


Lori Pinto

Credit Manager, Allegro Microsystem

Stephanee Brantley

Accounts Receivable Manager, EBSCO Information Services

Cindy Scott

Senior Manager A/R & Billing, Blackhawk Network


Interviewer: I'm sorry I was talking on mute or some of our customers might have heard that quite often. So thank you all for coming all the way from Union Station. It was a long walk, I'm sure your step count increased significantly today. So before I start, I want to say one thing I think the entire credit and collections team is one of the most underrated teams across companies. I think they are never appreciated enough. So let's start by giving everyone in the different credit & collections team a round of applause. Okay, so I'm going to start tonight with my first question which is for Stephanee, so I think Stephanee is being good from what we hear she's a very effective manager. And as cool as it sounds, you know, you're a manager, you got to manage so many people, it's difficult to get work done. And, you know, having said that, it's easy to do it yourself but difficult to get it done from people. So considering your experience, what do you think should be the three most important qualities of a collections analyst? Stephanee Brantley: Well, like you said to serve one of the…

What you'll learn

Join experts from Allegro Microsystems, BlackHawk Networks and EBSCO as they explain what it takes to hire and retain the right people in Credit & Collections teams and define systems which boost employee productivity and process performance.

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