Collections Evolution: Past, Present, and Future


James Robinson

Treasurer, Lhoist

Alicia Geades

Lead Manager, Financial Shared Services, Lhoist

Bernardo Aguilar

AP/AR Manager, Lhoist


[00:10] James Robinson: My name is James Robinson. I'm the treasurer for Lhoist, North America. Just a little background about our company- we were founded in Belgium, about a hundred and thirty years ago. It's a private company, closely family held and proud to be so. We're a global leader in lime and limestone products. We manufacture lime by extracting limestone from the earth and then calcining it or burning it to make calcium oxide which is otherwise known as lime. Our headquarters are in Belgium. Our North American headquarters are in Fort Worth, Texas. The North American business makes up about a third of our business overall, so it is a very important business segment as far as the group goes. So with that, we gonna go around ahead. [01:25] Alicia Geades: Hi, I'm Alicia Geades, and I just wanted to give you an overview of our collections landscape today at Lhoist, North America. We have about 2000 active accounts, normally about $25 billion past due which is 22,000 open items or the invoice level items. And we're working with about four and a half FTEs for collection. Primarily we use email for correspondence, but still, making phone calls…

What you'll learn

Hear how to transform collections from ‘dialing for dollars’ to a strategic function that adds value to the customer experience while bringing in bottom-line dollars. Learn how Lhoist uses the right combination of technology, vendor support and business case design to improve collector productivity and lower DSO.

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