Customer Profitability: Hidden A/R Costs That Eat Away Your Bottom-Line And How To Avoid Them


Tim Walker

Financial Project Systems Manager,


[0:00] Anchor: Hi everyone. I'm having Tim Walker over here. He's with over 20 years of experience in the field of finance, he's worked for Pepsi for over 13 years and is currently the financial products systems manager at Brightstar. He's a key person responsible for setting up HighRadius Collections Deductions EIPP solutions of the company. Tim, you got the stage. [0:26] Tim Walker: Welcome. How's everyone? Good. I'm very nervous, just so you know. Okay, so customer profitability hidden A/R costs that eat away your bottom line. I work for a company called Brightstar. So a little bit about Brightstar. We are the world's leading mobile services company managing devices worldwide. I work for our US and Canada division and which is where we have HighRadius running. We don't have it in the rest of the company yet. But we are a subsidiary of the SoftBank group founded in '97. Approximately 9000 employees, and we process over 100 million devices a year. If you've ever liked this little story, but if you ever go to like Best Buy or somewhere and trading your phone and they give you a card or whatever, most likely we get that device and…

What you'll learn

  • Proactively reduce deduction write-offs with root-cause analysis for faster resolution
  • Improve working capital and lower borrowing costs by streamlining collections

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