Improving Collectors’ Productivity by 90%, Cash Forecasting and Reporting with AI


Tony Hiatt

Global Credit Manager,


[0:00] Announcer: OK, so this session is 90% improved collectors productivity, how Ivanti improved cash forecasting and analytics using AI. Our presenter today is Tony Hiatt. Welcome, Tony. So a little bit about Tony. He is the global credit manager. And he has a privilege to work with Don. And he's an experienced credit manager with a demonstrated history of working in multiple industries. So a little bit of information for you. So take it away. [0:36] Tony Hiatt: All right. Hello, everyone. I'm Tony. Hi, I'm the global credit manager of Ivanti. I'm going to share our story with you on the issues we had, the improvements we made and then efficiencies that we got out of it. So we'll go ahead and start. So Ivanti, we are a software company, we do infrastructure, security, a lot of firewalls security setup. So 90% of the time your IT department uses our software. The basic steps that we took off for our digital transformation, our digital transformation at Ivanti how we enabled cash forecasting at Ivanti. The results that we have from that, and then the lessons learned after we were done. [1:30] Tony Hiatt: So, digital transformation, what we…

What you'll learn

  • Boosting employee satisfaction rates through a digital reporting framework
  • Leveraging AI-driven insights for accurate cash forecasting at invoice-level

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