My Expectations From The AI-Powered Cash Forecasting Solution


Jeff Martini

Chief Executive Officer,
Tri-Point Oil & Gas Production Systems


[0:00] Moderator: Thank you for joining today's session on the cash forecasting case study of TRIPOINT and expected benefits with AI. We have with us Jeff Martini, CEO at Oil and Gas Production. Jeff loves helping organizations succeed and finds it essential to focus more on the stories and opportunities behind the numbers than just the financials. And also we have Bernie's vendor Weldon, a functional consultant at HighRadius, Jeff and Bernice, the stage is all yours. [0:30] Bernice van der Velden: Hi, everyone. You've already seen my face a lot by this point. My name’s Bernice, and I'm talking today with Jeff. He's the CEO of TRIPOINT. We're in the implementation phase with him a little on the first end of it I'd say but he has a great story to tell and I think we are excited that our expectations will be fully met and he has some great expectations as well. So we'll be covering that in today's session. So just to give you a glance at the agenda, we will be going through what TRIPOINT is and what they do. And then we'll be talking about their current cash forecasting practices right now. And then Jeff…

What you'll learn

  • Understand how traditional cash forecasting is done
  • Discover how AI aids Treasurers to support CFOs in decision making

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