The Do’s & Dont’s Of Cash Forecasting


Steven Player

CEO & Owner,
The Player Group


[0:00] Anchor: So thank you for joining today's session. On the best practices of the cash forecasting, we have with us Steve Player, owner and managing director of the Player Group. Steve has over 30 years of experience in improving performance management. He's the co-author of 'Future Ready: How To Master Business Forecasting And Beyond Performance Management', as well as five other books. And we have Munish Balyan, ABB Product Management Treasury from HighRadius. And I would like to say that we have Charity over there. She's going to circulate a signboard. If you want to gain one credit for CTP recertification, please fill up your name and email address and also we'll be able to give you the presentation slides. So please do not forget to write your email address on that. Okay, so Steve and Munish welcome. And the stage is all yours. Round of applause, everyone. [1:06] Steve Player Thank you very much. Thank you very much. I really appreciate the Round of applause. You guys know you sure you're the right session. Okay, did you leave your preconceptions at the door? Because we're gonna challenge a few things here today. Okay, this is the dos and…

What you'll learn

Steve Player, Owner of the Player group would be highlighting the commons mistakes which corporate treasuries commit when they forecast cash and the best practices which they must employ to improve the process

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