The Future of Credit Management & Modelling


Dan Meder

VP, Solutions Consulting, Experian

Ryan Camlin

Product Marketing, Dun & Bradstreet

Jan Minniti

Senior National Account Executive, NACM

Vernon Gerety

Founder & MD, VG Advisors

Dustin Luther

Head of Marketing, Creditsafe


Bill Weiss: Well, this is wonderful. I consider this kind of Mount Rushmore of business credit. You know we got some great people and companies on here and it's really exciting for me to be able to moderate this panel. So let's jump right in and kind of put everyone on the spot a little bit since they just saw the video but, picking things off the video. What are your views on the future of credit management and I guess we can start with you, Vernon? Vernon Gerety: All right, great. I think the thing I'm seeing is the workflow tools that you guys demonstrated here integrating the credit scoring process and the decision process with actually making decisions. That would be the thing I'd see best happening today. Jan Minniti: Country. I've been doing this for a long time. So it's interesting to watch how credit has evolved over the past thirty-two years and from just one-man shops to big shops. But we still have one-man shops. So I think it's amazing how it's going to expedite people's workflow. They won't have to go and delve into stuff that pushes them right away. It'll be interesting to see…

What you'll learn

In this panel, join D&B, Experian, Creditsafe, NACM and VG Advisors as they discuss how to improve the availability of credit data, incorporate machine learning in credit models and the role of technology as a whole to cut credit risk exposure while enabling the credit department to improve collaboration with sales and contribute more to the strategic direction of the company.

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