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85% Reduction In Unidentified Deductions With HighRadius

  • 90+% Hit Rate For E-payments & Checks
  • 100% Deductions Auto-coded at Source
  • 16+ Man Hours Saved per day in Deductions
Cash Application Cloud
Deductions Cloud
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How did HighRadius help


  • $250M worth open A/R
  • 400,000 invoices processed annually
  • 90% payments received electronically
  • 150,000 deductions annually amounting to $0.5B
  • 100% deductions went unidentified

Why Highradius

  • Really understood the A/R domain and the company’s model of operation
  • Functionally rich products providing end to end A/R automation
  • Very high focus on creating value and providing high return on investment
  • Long term support: HighRadius is keen on providing continuous service improvement
ABOUT Church & Dwight

Church & Dwight Co., Inc., a $4 billion company, was founded in 1846 and is headquartered in Ewing, New Jersey. They are one of the fastest growing Consumer Packaged Goods companies that has outpaced the Standard & Poor’s by more than three times over the last 10 years.




North America


$4 billion


  • Cash Application Cloud
  • Deductions

How did HighRadius Help

Cash Application

AI powered Remittance and Payment Aggregation: Aggregate payment and remittance details from a variety of sources and formats from customer portals, bank websites, check images, FTP, emails, and EDI files.

  • Email Aggregation that parses emails and attachments to process remittance information
  • EDI Aggregation for EDI 823, EDI 820, 812, bank BAI, etc
  • Web Aggregation that collects information from websites
  • Multiple OCR engines for high accuracy check remittance data capture

Payment Remittance Re association: Automatic association of payment information with incoming remittance on multiple parameters
Intelligent A/R Matching and Deductions Coding: Intelligent mapping to match payments to open invoices, identify and code short payments and deductions, and analyze cash discounts

Deductions Management

Ensure consistent processing and enable automated cross departmental collaboration and resolution

Claims & POD Backup Automation

Automation engine aggregates and collects information such as proofs of delivery (PODs) from carrier websites and claims/debit memos/deal sheets from customer portals, websites, and emails and links the documents to the relevant dispute cases

With the implementation of HighRadius POD and Claims automation, Church & Dwight was able to help analysts focus on the research.

Auto Retrieval of Backup Documents: Ability to pull claims and PODs from customer and carrier websites and emails could save over 30% of the analysts’ time.
Auto Attachment of Backup Documents: Auto linking of the documents to the deductions helps analysts focus strictly on faster research and resolution.

Gregory Ottalagano

At Church & Dwight, we always try to find the most efficient way of doing something, and HighRadius helped us with just that

Gregory Ottalagano
Manager , Credit and A/R
Church & Dwight


Hit Rate for E-payments And Checks
Deductions Automatically Coded at Source
Man Hours Saved Per Day in Deductions

Autopilot for Order to Cash

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