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Church & Dwight Automates 95% Cash Application for 400,000+ Invoices Annually to Dedicate More Time to Review & Resolve Deductions

  • 95% Automated Cash Application
  • 89% Deductions Automatically Coded
  • 320+ Man Hours Saved Every Month in Cash Application
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  • Analysts Manually Linking E-Payments & Decoupled Remittances while Applying Cash

  • Being a leading consumer goods company, Church & Dwight used to apply cash for more than 400,000 invoices annually. 90% of the payments that they received were electronic payments, and the remittance for these electronic payments came in through emails, EDIs, web portals. This is how Church & Dwight’s cash application team applied cash every day:

    • The cash application analyst had to manually capture remittances from various sources such as emails, check- stubs, EDIs for K-Mart and web portals for Walmart and Meijer. For instance, every day, the cash application analyst had to spend 4-5 hours reviewing just the EDI 820 remittances.
    • Thereafter, the analyst used to manually match the extracted remittances with the payment file from the bank.
    • Finally, the analyst had to match the payments with the open invoice in the ERP to apply cash.
  • Negative Impact on Analyst’s Productivity due to Manual Deduction Coding for Huge Volume of Deductions

  • At Church & Dwight, 15 full-time employees had to manually handle 150,000 deductions per year. They had to manually map the customer reason codes to ERP-specific reason codes which were not only counterproductive for them but left them with no scope to work on deduction resolution. As a result, often deductions were written off while being unresolved, leading to a higher bad debt.


Whether you call it saleratus (aerated salt), sodium bicarbonate, or plain old baking soda, Church & Dwight is the world’s #1 maker of the powder. Church & Dwight’s ARM & HAMMER baking soda, first marketed in 1846, is used as leavening, a deodorizer, a cleaner, and a swimming pool pH stabilizer. It operates in North America, as well as in Australia, Brazil, China, France, and the UK.


Consumer Packeged Goods (CPG)


North America


$4.9 Billion


Cash Application Software

How did HighRadius Help

Gregory Ottalagano

At Church & Dwight, we always try to find the most efficient way of doing something, and HighRadius helped us with just that

Gregory Ottalagano
Manager , Credit and A/R
Church & Dwight


Automated Cash Application
Deductions Automatically Coded
Man Hours Saved Every Month in Cash Application

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