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Applied 94% of Payments Automatically to the ERP across 50 Countries by Automating Cash App Process

  • 94% payments applied automatically to the ERP
  • 100% deductions auto-coded
  • 48% of total payments managed through one system
Cash Application
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HighRadius was able to provide a solution that eliminated manual operation by providing efficiency throughout our A/R processes.

Laurent Gueritaine
Global Process Owner, Invoicing to Cash
How did HighRadius help

Challenges With Cash Application

Unstandardized Processes Due to Heterogeneous Processes and Tools

With multiple processes running across all its business units, Sanofi suffered a lack of standardization that negatively impacted its operational efficiency. With siloed systems, there was no visibility across operations. The team often lagged behind when it came to executing real-time decision-making processes. This affected their overall customer experience.

Lack of Operational Efficiency Due to Manual Cash Application Process

Sanofi deals with a massive volume of invoices every day. Compiling cash at such a large scale required time and effort, and the outdated, manual cash application process only made the process even more inefficient.

Delay in Processing Payments as Maximum Payments Came Through Wire Transfer

Present in over 170 countries globally, Sanofi receives huge amounts of payments through wire transfers. This often led to poor quality of data intake. Moreover, remittances came in through disparate sources. Therefore it was difficult for analysts to manually process each transaction which caused further delays and human errors.


Headquartered in Paris, Sanofi has a revenue of about $40 Billion. With about 70 manufacturing sites , they provide healthcare solutions for over 170 countries across the globe.


Pharma & Life Sciences


Paris, France


$40 Billion


Cash Application

Laurent Gueritaine

Sanofi was sending more than 300 wire transfers(WT) on average per week. With HighRadius, this went down to 128. We were able to remove 50% of the workload and operated effectively.

Laurent Gueritaine
Global Process Owner, Invoicing to Cash

How did HighRadius Help


payments applied automatically to the ERP
deductions auto-coded
of total payments managed through one system

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