Four World-Class GPOs on Building an Agile A/R: Cargill, Air Products, Keurig Dr Pepper, and Danone

A practical guide on how to build resilient A/R departments, based on the successful real-world experiences of four GPOs from leading global companies – who were able to future-proof their A/R organizations while reducing costs, improving metrics, and keeping their customers happier than ever.


Chapter 01

Cargill: Harmonizing Global Processes and Driving Operational Excellence

Chapter 02

Air Products: Driving Revenue with Timely and Accurate Credit Decisions

Chapter 03

Keurig Dr Pepper: Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

Chapter 04

Danone: Identifying the Right Technology to Future-Proof A/R

Decoding GPO’s Challenges

For ages, organizations’ Order to Cash (O2C) operations have witnessed and/or bore the brunt of economic disruptions, which have negatively impacted cash flow and revenue. As a proactive mitigating measure, Global Process Owners (GPOs) and Global Business Services (GBS) leaders have – as of late – focused on ‘improving cost efficiency’ and ‘building resilience’ as recurring priorities in their agendas.

So, what exactly are the top O2C challenges that GPOs should look out for, and how can A/R departments be designed to best prepare for unprecedented events?

This ebook will walk you through everything you need to know.

How does this ebook help GPOs like me?

By the end of this ebook, you will have gained real-world knowledge on how to deliver impact in the following O2C focus areas:

  • Working Capital and Revenue
  • Global Process Harmonization and Improving Operational Excellence
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience
  • Building A/R Agility with Digital Transformation

What can I expect?

This ebook summarizes successes and best practices related to the biggest O2C challenges that organizations face and how to future-proof O2C operations – as told by four GPOs of Shared Services Centers (SSCs) and Global Business Services (GBS) from world-class organizations.



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