4 World Class GPOs on The Future of A/R: Cargill, Air Products, Keurig, Dr Pepper and Danone

An insightful summary of how these GPOs made their A/R future-ready while reducing costs, improving metrics and keeping their customers happy!


Chapter 01

Decoding GPO’s Challenges

Chapter 02

Cargill’s Transition to Lean and Simplified A/R Through Process Evaluation and Benchmarking

Chapter 03

Air Products Journey to Global Credit Risk Management for 170,000+ Customers

Chapter 04

Keurig Dr Pepper’s Paradigm Shift from Outsourced to Customer Centric In-housed

Chapter 05

Danone’s Discovery on How to Choose the Right Technology for Automating A/R Processes in SSOs

Chapter 06


Chapter 07

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Chapter 01

Decoding GPO’s Challenges

In the last few years, we have been witnessing the emergence of a new role in many global multibillion and Fortune 500 organizations – that of the Global Process Owner or GPO, for enterprise processes.

From an Order to Cash (OTC) shared services perspective, the need is more intense. Generally, OTC SSOs are stuck in complex IT and ERP landscapes, intricate organization structures, multiple external agencies/ vendors and highly unstandardized processes with minimum visibility. This makes accountability a nightmare – add to it multiple regional silos across different geographical locations, business units with very different goals and processes, along with the M& As of the recent past – yes you get the picture.

Accounts Receivables and credit processes are stuck in the tempest and you need GPOs to navigate through.

But how?

Here are the most common challenges that make GPOs work terrifying:

Survey Report

Turn the page to know how OTC GPOs of world-class businesses like Cargill, Air Products, Keurig Dr. Pepper and Danone were able to solve these challenges.



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