Deduction Resolution for Big Box Retailers: 5 Ways to Automate Dispute Management and Reduce Write-Offs

An actionable deep dive on how technology can automate dispute resolution and help your teams keep with dispute resolution windows


Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Chapter 02

How Difficult is it to Raise A Dispute on Retailer Portals

Chapter 03

How Do Robots Fare Against Retailer Portals

Chapter 04

Robots and Real World Amazon Dispute Cases

Chapter 05

Chapter 01

Executive Summary

Handling 100s of deductions every month is something A/R leaders across the world have accepted as the cost of doing business. However, managing big-box retailers’ deductions?  That’s another ball game altogether.
Here is a survey by iNymbus and Attain Consulting that highlights key pain points of processing these deductions:
Survey Report
As a result of this, deduction analysts don’t have the bandwidth to focus on deductions research impacts the metrics. According to surveys by iNymbus and Attain consulting,
AchievementsThis e-book is for you if

You or your team are exploring scalable options that could help you resolve deductions faster and more accurately to avoid write-offs while keeping your analysts sane.
Here is what we are going to address in this e-book:

  • Automating disputes in-retailer portals
  • Scaling better with increasing deductions
  • Improving the visibility of the process

Like any law/crime series you must have seen, the burden of proof or in this case the proof of the deductions’ invalidity lies on the vendor.
Irrespective of the manual hours involved, bottom-line revenue leaks or time taken to resolve deductions, vendors NEED to dispute all deductions.
The question is can technology help you?
The answer is a resounding YES!
But, how?
Turn the page to find out more about how you could leverage technologies such as robotic process automation and artificial intelligence for automating deductions.



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