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This detailed ebook outlines the top 23 KPIs which can help you improve process performance, identify the next steps and make strategic impacts on the…

Learn about the 15 metric outlines recommended by Hackett group to benchmark against World-Class organizations.

An actionable summary of how collectors can work closely with their customers to recover past-dues faster during the COVID-19 outbreak

This e-book shares information on the importance & necessity of deduction automation & management that every A/R leader should have before beginning their automation journey.

Understand how finance leaders have addressed internal collaboration among Credit and A/R teams and external collaboration with buyer A/P to reduce DSO by 100%.

A detailed analysis of all the thing you need to know in order to succeed financially in the near future where technology would play an…

A collection of findings showing how world class companies have been able to transform their A/R processes for the better.

This e-book is your one-stop-shop, that demystifies over 400 Credit and AR transformation projects, unveiling 11 of the most effective templates to speed-track your receivables.

An actionable summary of directives that Order to Cash leaders could abide by to create a productive impact on working capital based on the upcoming…

Learn how establishing S/4HANA and discerning key challenges to mitigate risks can lead to successful ERP migration.

A detailed study by Hackett Group explaining how we can achieve top performance in customer to cash process by leveraging automation, analytics and proactive measures.

This detailed B2B collections guide gives you insights about the top 12 collection strategies given by best-performing collectors across 15 industries.

The complete guide to convince your C-Suite Execs to automate your Order to Cash using AI and RPA and a step-by-step walk through of how…

An insightful summary on GAP analysis, calculating GAP scores and evaluation of vendors for the proposed automation project

This e-book illustrates how order-to-cash is more than just any other financial process, and why it should be given priority during a merger or acquisition.

This ebook includes the best-in-class O2C solutions to leverage the latest technologies such as AI in the Postmodern ERP to optimize your business to the…

Segmenting customers for Collections into buckets of strategic accounts and providing an insight into the Collections process for faster operations

Learn the five essential elements for modeling and executing credit management workflow which leverage credit operations as a strategic function

This ebook outlines five Cash Application Automation Technologies and gives a detailed information about the challenges faced in AR environment and how automatin can help…

Disputes are a part of life and processing them takes away a huge chunk of manpower and time. But things get complicated manifold when you…

This ebook outlines the operational gaps left by the ERP and summarizes the necessary factors to consider while ERP Cloud integration

An actionable insight into automation can help big-box retailers fasten dispute resolution and avoid write-offs, thereby preventing bottom-line erosion.

Revamp your A/R for the future with instances from companies re-engineering their credit risk management and customer-focused single A/R platform.

This ebook gives an insight into how to manage credit risks and workflows to reap out prolonged benefits in A/R that can drastically impact B2B…

This ebook helps you understand how credit rating agencies work and which factors should be kept in mind when choosing a credit scoring model.

"Learn how Fortune 1000 companies are leveraging automation for a better credit review process, increased account coverage, and improved credit management."

Get insights on how Fortune 1000 companies and SMBs improved productivity by 30% and reduced DSO by 20% by implementing effective Credit strategies and drive…

Learn how leaks in account prioritization inflate past-due A/R and how smart segmenting factors were used to increase collections speed.

This e-book outlines the 11 most prominent payment formats that treasury teams across the world should be aware of and accept to constitute a healthy…

This ebook helps you to know the different remittance scenarios faced every day, their variable consequences and their best practices.

Remove delinquency by automating Credit and Accounts Receivables operations and deploy tactics to collect payments faster.

This e-book is an actionable summary that drills down on identifying gaps left by SAP Receivables Management and how Cloud software could fill those gaps.

Learn key competencies that build strong foundational ethos around actionable credit management in A/R space.

A guide for Finance Leaders to re-model their operations by reducing DSO, all this while improving the Cash Flow.

This elaborated ebook gives you an insight into AI and how it impacts the A/R and Credit Landscape for credit managers to help them make…

21 Credit and Collections Email Templates that help you reach out to your customer faster and helps you improve your email correspondence process which are…

An ultimate guide that gives you a lowdown on 5 best practices opted by GPO's of world class companies to get their Order-to-Cash future ready.

A detailed insight into the payment processes in the B2B landscape and how the new methods of Automation and AI have helped it grow.

Explore what influences DSO and recognize the 5 pillars of the collections maturity model that can transform businesses.

Explore multiple options to process check deposits to achieve payment reconciliation in A/R.

An extremely detailed overview for understanding every nitty-gritty of A/R & parameters which affect business bottom line.

Social distancing is challenging, especially if you don't know when it will end. But you can make remote working better by following these simple techniques.

We have identified 8 types of delinquent customer personalities and customized conversation tactics for them to help you collect your money faster.

An actionable summary that examines the challenges of manual cash forecasting with excel and how Artificial Intelligence enables better decision making.

Treasurer's guidebook on how to overcome the challenges involved in forecasting A/R and A/P with Artificial Intelligence and help treasuries achieve accurate forecasts.

Use this e-book to analyze the ROI of AI-enabled Cash Forecasting to drive better investment decisions.

A expert panel discussion on the evolution, trends, and scope of technology in Treasury.

Use this e-book to understand the pros and cons of leverage and how the treasury department can align with the company’s goal during a volatile…

An introduction to how AI can help treasurers supersede challenges surrounding accounts payable unpredictability

A look at what shaped the technological scenario of Treasury and how is new technology causing disruption in the field

This eBook outlines the insights from Experian, CreditSafe, CreditRiskMonitor, Credit.net and S&P Global as they highlight the pivots in risk mitigation strategies and credit policy,…

This eBook outlines the insights from Bank of America, CITIBANK and Ernst & Young on what strategies and transformation initiatives should be used to unlock…

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