Key Challenges with Check Processing

A $55 Billion Wholesale Company

Learn how a $55.3 Billion wholesale company leveraged mobile RDC to achieve 85+% automation for processing remote deposit payments across 72 operating companies


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Key Challenges with Check Processing

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Automate Cash Posting with RDC 2.0

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Automate Cash Posting for Remote Deposits with Mobile RDC

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Chapter 02

Key Challenges with Check Processing

  • Decentralized cash posting process for each of the 72 business units
  • Multiple deposits accounts with customers paying for each business units using different checks
  • Cash posting without using remittance information
  • Internal auto-match algorithms were used to match remittances using payment amount resulting in low on-invoice hit rate of 30-40%
  • Team was unable to post cash the same day
  • Multiple checks scanning for depositing checks and research and retention purposes
  • Cash posting was inaccurate; lots of claims were not processed accurately and the team spent 50% of the time correcting the A/R
  • Deduction coding was manual as SAP setup had minimum mapping table


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