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Cash Flow Projection

Cash flow projections predict the amount of money entering and exiting your business by measuring cash flow. Creating a cash flow projection has many advantages, including being able to predict financial shortfalls and forecast surpluses, examine the consistent positive and negative fluctuations of both fixed and service business expenses for period, and calculate the dollar flow trend of the adverse and positive effects of business change. Businesses use projections to pay their bills, as well as to help them plan over future spending.

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The HighRadius™ Treasury Management Applications consist of AI-powered Cash Forecasting Cloud and Cash Management Cloud designed to support treasury teams from companies of all sizes and industries. Delivered as SaaS, our solutions seamlessly integrate with multiple systems including ERPs, TMS, accounting systems, and banks using sFTP or API. They help treasuries around the world achieve end-to-end automation in their forecasting and cash management processes to deliver accurate and insightful results with lesser manual effort. Improve your efficiency with our order-to-cash templates such as - A/R Aging Report, DSO calculation excel template, A/R Dashboard excel template, credit scoring model for new customers, 21 Credit-collections email template, and Our Ebooks.