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Complimentary Webinar

Setting up a Framework to Achieve Treasury Excellence

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Valerio Trinchi

AVP Growth Initiatives, Treasury HighRadius

What you'll learn

  • Understand the business and operational needs of your organization by focusing on core treasury functionalities – cash visibility, cash management and forecasting
  • Analyze the liquidity and funding strategy framework
  • Identify key performance indicators and metrics to trace the path to treasury excellence

About the Webinar

The main goal of Treasury departments can be summarized as being able to provide a clear point of view on cash. They should be able to articulate the historical topic of “cash” effectively, comprehensively, precisely, timely, and continuously.

The main, highly interrelated questions, to address when it comes to cash, are the following:

  • How much cash do I have?
  • Where I have it (granularly)?
  • When I am generating it over time?

Join episode 1, where Valerio Trinchi, AVP Growth Initiatives, Treasury at HighRadius will address these main questions and introduce a series of other familiar and popular treasury management areas that address the collaterals linked to the initial queries.

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