Complimentary Webinar

Navigating Three Forecasting Challenges: Visibility, Accuracy, Frequency


Tracey Ferguson Knight

Director- Solution Engineering Treasury, HighRadius

What you'll learn

  • Understand the forecasting accuracy vs frequency benchmark for your business to meet its cash surplus or cash deficit obligations
  • Identify leading indicators of liquidity crisis by closely monitoring cash flow categories
  • Determine correct reforecasting cadence to account for seasonality on top of baseline forecast
  • Identify stress test scenarios over available capital to plan ahead for potential cash crunch due to unpredictable A/R and A/P

About the Webinar

Accurate and timely cash flow forecasts is the top priority for all treasuries during uncertainty.
Due to disrupted supply chains, many sectors are seeing cash reserves either disappear completely or drop to dangerous levels. Cash forecasting enables you to map out your financial position over the coming months and take the appropriate action to safeguard your cash position.

Join Tracey Knight, expert treasury practitioner with 25+ years of experience as she explains the importance of accurate cash forecasting and how it can give you continuous visibility to overcome the crisis.

About HighRadius

HighRadius’ Award-winning AI-enabled solutions power 200+ Fortune 1000 companies to optimize their Order-to-Cash and Treasury Process. HighRadius’ Autonomous Systems, comprising of Integrated ReceivablesTM , Cash Forecasting Cloud, RivanaTM and FreedaTM , use AI-powered technology and digital assistants to improve Receivables and Treasury processes beyond best-in-class industry benchmarks.

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The HighRadiusTM Treasury Management Applications are uniquely powered by an Artificial Intelligence technology created exclusively to redefine the forecasting, bank reconciliation, and cash management processes, so that treasurers spend less manual effort but extract better outcomes such as making more accurate cash forecasts across all cash flow categories, increased forecasting frequency and variance reporting, gaining instant visibility into real-time cash positions across bank accounts at any level and achieving 99%+ straight-through reconciliation of bank statements without human intervention. The solutions are delivered via the cloud which enables them to be seamlessly integrated with multiple systems including your ERP, TMS, accounting systems, and banks instantly and simultaneously.