Complimentary Webinar

Treasury & Finance in the Remote Reality – Trends & Lessons Learned


Ernie Humphrey

CEO, Treasury Webinars

Elaine Nowak

Director of Product Management and Marketing, HighRadius

What you'll learn

  • Ten tips for optimizing your A/R and treasury transition back to the office
  • Guide to ensuring cash visibility and building better relationships with suppliers, customers, and work colleagues to deliver accurate forecasting
  • Key results from surveys tracking the sentiments and actions of Treasury & Finance leaders since early February
  • About the Webinar

    Treasury & Finance teams have had to learn how to function in a remote environment with little to no notice in this time of crisis. Challenges have been faced, opportunities realized, and many lessons have been learned that should be leveraged for business continuity as the migration back to the office begins.

    Join this session led by Elaine Nowak, Director of Product Management and Marketing at HighRadius alongside Ernie Humphrey, CEO of Treasury Webinars as they share their recommendations on how to keep running the best processes that have evolved from our remote work environments and meet the expectations of the C-suite board during the transition.

    About HighRadius

    HighRadius’ Award-winning AI-enabled solutions power 200+ Fortune 1000 companies to optimize their Order-to-Cash and Treasury Process. HighRadius’ Autonomous Systems, comprising of Integrated ReceivablesTM , Cash Forecasting Cloud, RivanaTM and FreedaTM , use AI-powered technology and digital assistants to improve Receivables and Treasury processes beyond best-in-class industry benchmarks.

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    The HighRadiusTM Treasury Management Applications are uniquely powered by an Artificial Intelligence technology created exclusively to redefine the forecasting, bank reconciliation, and cash management processes, so that treasurers spend less manual effort but extract better outcomes such as making more accurate cash forecasts across all cash flow categories, increased forecasting frequency and variance reporting, gaining instant visibility into real-time cash positions across bank accounts at any level and achieving 99%+ straight-through reconciliation of bank statements without human intervention. The solutions are delivered via the cloud which enables them to be seamlessly integrated with multiple systems including your ERP, TMS, accounting systems, and banks instantly and simultaneously.