World-Class Credit-to-Cash? 15 Hackett Recommended Metrics to Evaluate Your Team & Process

About The Webinar

Credit and A/R teams are always expected to ‘do more, with less.’ However in this quest to be ‘world-class’ A/R leaders often do not know how their teams compare to the best-in-class other than on the singular metric of DSO.

Building a world-class A/R team starts with a detailed self-assessment of your credit-to-cash processes and comparing yourself against leading teams to determine what they are doing differently. The leading teams use the latest credit management technologies to stay above their competition. This is essential to isolate gaps in your performance and identify opportunities that could directly lower DSO or reduce costs.

Join this Webinar to understand the 15 performance metrics you should measure to get a baseline assessment of your processes, a detailed comparison with world-class benchmarks and the key differentiators that widen the gap between top performers and their peer group.