Working Capital Optimization In The New Normal: Trends and Technology

Working Capital Optimization In The New Normal: Trends and Technology

About The Webinar

As finance and treasury professionals are adjusting to the new remote reality, every company is undergoing some form of disruption. The global pandemic has near-term and medium-term impact on all aspects of cash management, especially accounts receivable. The question is- how could AR, AP and treasury teams collaborate today to get paid and optimize working capital in the midst of extremely volatile market dynamics. What role could technology play in helping them achieve these goals?

In this webinar, Kay Rogers, North America Financial Transactions Director at Ferrero, would share how she has leveraged technology to take better control of their cash conversion cycle and optimize working capital in the present day scenario. We will also review the results and implications of the weekly Global Crisis Monitor Survey that has been tracking the sentiments of hundreds of treasury leaders and the impact of COVID-19 on companies as we adapt to the new normal in real-time.

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