Webinar is your gateway to a deep dive into the synergy between AI, automation, and the accounting profession. Join us

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The Reality of Implementing AI in Accounting

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Shreya Vithalani

AVP, Digital Transformation HighRadius

Abhishek Gupta

Executive Director EY

What you'll learn

  • AI and Automation in Accounting: Learn about how AI and automation are helping finance teams optimize costs and resources
  • Plugging AI into Accounting Processes: Discuss how AI can enable accountants and accounting managers to close faster, achieve accuracy, optimize the time spent on preparing for audits, and extract the right insights to support financial decisions
  • Challenges of Implementing AI in Accounting: Get experts to answer some burning questions about the implementation of AI in complex accounting processes across enterprise and mid-sized companies
  • Use Cases of AI-powered Accounting: Discuss real-life business cases of AI implementation and key success metrics

About the Webinar

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, finding the right accounting software is no longer just about tracking financial transactions; it’s about harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and automation to drive efficiency and intelligence in your financial operations.

This webinar is your gateway to a deep dive into the synergy between AI, automation, and the accounting profession. Join us as we explore the implications, opportunities, and limitations of this digital disruption, seeking to shed light on the complex interplay between technology and the future of accounting.

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HighRadius Autonomous Accounting Application consists of End-to-end Financial Close Automation, AI-powered Anomaly Detection and Account Reconciliation, and Connected Workspaces. Delivered as SaaS, our solutions seamlessly integrate bi-directionally with multiple systems including ERPs, HR, CRM, Payroll, and banks. Autonomous Accounting proactively identifies errors as they happen, provides the project management specifically designed for month end close to manage, monitor, and document the successful completion of tasks, including posting adjusting journal entries, and provides a document repository to support each month’s close process and support the financial audit.