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Frequently Asked Questions

Invoice matching is the process of mapping the open invoices with the payments received at the line-item level.

What are the different types of invoice matching?

There are several types of invoice matching to ensure the accuracy of financial records. Some of them are three-way matching, two-way matching, one-way matching.

What is 2-way vs 3-way invoice matching?

Three-way matching involves comparing the purchase order, goods receipt, and supplier invoice to ensure that the quantity and price of goods received match the original order and invoice. Two-way matching involves comparing the purchase order and supplier invoice to ensure that the price and quantity of goods received match the original order and invoice.

We are an ERP agnostic software that integrates with any and all of the ERPs like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle, Netsuite, etc

Security is of paramount importance to each of our customers as it is to us. We are SSAE16 Soc I Type II certified, PCI-DSS Compliant, GDPR compliant and CSA Registered. We strictly follow all Industry standards and best practices.

We will be able to handle most of the IT related efforts during the implementation. All we need the IT is for getting us the open AR extract and the bank payment file. This will be usually around a week worth of efforts spread across the implementation time frame.

Typically our pricing has two components the one time setup fees and a monthly recurring subscription fee. You can get on a call with us and get a customized pricing according to your business needs.

Project timeline depends on the complexity of the scope. Its generally between 8-16 weeks