The Vicious Cycle of Excel-Based Cash Forecasting

An actionable summary that examines the challenges of manual cash forecasting with excel and how Artificial Intelligence enables better decision making.


Chapter 01

The Vicious Cycle of Excel-Based Cash Forecasting

Chapter 02

AI-enabled Cash Forecasting

Chapter 03

Summary - Moving Beyond Spreadsheets for Cash Forecasting
Chapter 01

The Vicious Cycle of Excel-Based Cash Forecasting

Vicious cycle of cash forecasting
Get Rid of this Cash Forecasting Dilemma

Even in large enterprises, treasury teams are often small in size and overburdened. Automating a particularly time-consuming part of their daily routine can free them up to focus on more strategic work that brings value to the business.

In today’s blink-and-you’ll-miss it, data-heavy business landscape, data silos act as bottlenecks for making swift decisions. Adopting AI-enabled technology empowers treasury teams to evolve from a purely operational role to a strategic role, spending less time on extracting data and more time on providing insightful, trusted foresight that enables the CFO to plan for what’s next.


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