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A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Future-Ready Distributed Workforce

In this eBook, we will look at how CFOs can build a future-ready workforce to manage a large and diverse customer base.
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How to Go an Extra Mile with a Tech-Led Lean Finance Team

Empower lean finance teams to go the extra mile toward making a positive business impact with autonomous finance.
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Transform Finance Landscape with Digital-First Teams in 2023

This blog focuses on how you can overcome the challenges faced by a lean team by transforming your finance landscape using technological solutions.
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How To Transform Your Finance Team Into a Future-Ready Augmented Workforce?

This blog explores how finance leaders can transform their teams into a future-ready augmented workforce to support growing business needs.
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Holistic Financial Solution vs. Best-of-Breed Solutions for Finance Function Transformation

This blog offers insights on how to transform the finance landscape and what is the best fit for an organization: a holistic solution or best-of-breed…
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Dismantle silos by maximizing collections liquidity

Learn how collections liquidity impacts your cash flow, its best practices, and how optimizing it can help improve cash flow.
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Cashing in on AI to Boost Accuracy in Forecasting Receivables

Read this blog to learn how Artificial Intelligence helps in increasing the accuracy in forecasting Accounts Receivables.
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Why cash flow training is important for your employees

Two key characteristics of a healthy organization are having healthy cash flow and hard-working employees. Although cash flow is a matter of treasury and finance…
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Tips for successful treasury management

Treasury teams are essential to the success of their organization, yet sometimes underestimated. Enhancing the company’s treasury strategy can increase the productivity of their team…
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How does cash flow automation create an opportunity for growth within your treasury organization?

Looking to automate cash flows for your treasury department? Cash flow software can do more for the growth of your company than you think. Read…
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A 360-degree View on Increasing Accuracy while Forecasting Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable

Lessons learned from Covid-19 In 2020, many businesses’ resilience was tested, and many attempted to protect their capital using their existing credit facilities. The pandemic…
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Selecting the Best Fit Technology Vendor

After narrowing down the vendor’s list to around 4-5, the client needs to select the most suitable vendor from that list who meets the requirements.…
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Say Hello to Freeda: NLP and AI-Powered Digital Assistant for Your Order-to-Cash

The importance of an AI-powered digital assistant in a finance function and how it can enable teams to create a significant cash flow impact.
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Finance Toolkit

The finance toolkit is a compilation of ready-to-use finance templates, tools, and calculators especially designed for MSBs. Download finance templates for free
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