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7 Step Game Plan to Embrace Automation

PYMNTS research shows that companies that automate their AR processes are able to adapt to market fluctuations. SMBs are more likely to face constant hardships…
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6 Ways to Handle Delinquent Customers With Collections Accounts Prioritization

Learn how to handle delinquent accounts to avoid bad debts and ensure smooth cash flow. Introduce account prioritization for better management.
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How to Use Data-Driven Strategies to Mitigate AR Collections Recovery

For years, mid-sized businesses have been struggling with issues around AR collections to generate working capital and establish their financial health. In today’s digital world,…
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Financial Close and Reporting

Mariana R C Costa: Hello everyone. Good morning. Thanks for calling the session. I know it’s a little bit cold today. It’s not easy. So,…
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Hands-On Guide to Creating a Successful RFP

Slav Maslyanchyuk: Welcome! What we’d like to do is just share a few tips that we learned along the way. RFP will be different depending…
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