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Turbocharging treasury with cash flow projection tool

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  • Significance of a cash flow projection tool.
  • How cash flow projection tools improve cash flow management.

Is good cash flow management the only key to survival for businesses?

Cash flow management is crucial for all businesses, regardless of how well they are doing. For many businesses, it is also the key to their survival.

According to an Intuit survey in 2019, 61% of SMBs worldwide struggled with cash flow management. According to US Banks, 82% of SMBs failed due to inadequate cash flow management strategies.

When companies cannot manage cash, it leads to cash flow projection challenges.

Cash flow projection challenges

Cash flow projection challenges

Businesses worldwide agree that going digital is essential for long-term viability. Digital transformation and profitability go hand in hand with businesses.

Why is a financial forecast essential for your business?

Cash flow projection purpose

The cash flow projection purpose is to help treasury leaders improve cash flow management and make informed decisions. A cash flow projection also encourages companies to make attainable financial goals.

How can a cash flow forecast help a business?

A cash flow projection software provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s cash balances. It boosts treasury efficiencies while reducing administrative burden and improving the management of a company’s operations, funding, and budgeting.

Cash flow projection Excel template and automated calculator

This cash flow projection template in Excel enables companies to monitor the inflows and outflows of the business’s cash and the closing balance on a daily, weekly, 13-week, or monthly basis.

On the other hand, an automated cash flow projection calculator can help businesses remain on top of their finances by calculating the operating cash flow, net cash flow (in/out), projected cash flow, and closing balance.

How does cash flow projection help in improving cash management?

For treasury and finance teams, cash flow projection software is designed to manage cash flows and provide real-time visibility through dashboards and reports. By eliminating manual and laborious tasks, it makes it easier to control finances and understand trends based on historical data.

The following are the advantages of using a business cash flow projection tool:

  • It provides a financial overview of all bank accounts, loans, and even superannuation accounts. The actual value of a cash flow projection dashboard shines through in volatile situations since cash and liquidity dashboards display real-time data.
  • It automates data aggregation from multiple sources with the help of APIs and RPA. API provides real-time connectivity with the banks and ERP systems. Direct cash flow forecast tools help achieve more granular visibility as forecasts are rolled up from the local to the global level.
  • A cash flow projection tool improves the accuracy of the forecasts through machine learning by comparing past and recent results, identifying the errors, and making continuous improvements.
  • A cash flow projection software improves scenario planning. It analyzes best and worst-case scenarios with the manual override function that provides an Excel-like interface to analyze different scenarios. They assist the treasury in accurately tracking scenarios in real-time so that the team can respond quickly in the future.
  • It compares forecasts to actuals frequently to identify variance drivers and categories and makes continuous improvements to reduce variance and build forecast accuracy.

The HighRadius cash flow projection software can help companies manage cash easily by providing these benefits:

  • Customized AI models made specifically for businesses that are compatible with all local and global systems.
  • Enhanced visibility and control over automated forecasts with automatic accuracy improvement.
  • In-depth variance analysis.
  • Reports that provide specific details regarding potential trends inspire trust in investing and borrowing decisions.

AI-based cash flow projection tools help organizations prioritize their tasks better and improve forecasting accuracy. This helps the treasury team stay abreast of changing environments and macroeconomic fluctuations that might go unnoticed otherwise.

To learn more about how HighRadius cash flow projection tools can help you, speak with our solution experts.

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