What is a cash flow forecasting template?

A Cash Flow Forecasting template is an excel-based template that allows you to track your company’s inflows/outflows, cash on hand and the closing balance on a daily, weekly, 13-week or monthly basis.

Why should you download these templates?

These free ready-to-use excel templates make it easy for treasury professionals to proactively plan, record, and manage company’s cash. It allows you to compare predicted cash receipts and payments against your operational costs and other outflows on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

What is it composed of?

It comes with below mentioned free – ready to use forecasting templates in excel format to ease out and streamline the process of forecasting cash upon various time horizons by treasury professionals:

  • Daily Cash Forecasting Template
  • Weekly Cash Forecasting Template
  • Monthly Cash Forecasting Template
  • 13-Week Rolling Cash forecasting Template

How to use the cash flow forecasting templates?

Simply enter the beginning balance and values across all the cash receipts’ and cash payments’ parameters.

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