Accountant to Customer Service Representative: 5 Things You Are Doing Wrong


Lawrence Carroll

A/R Shared Services Manager,
Martin Marietta


[0:00] Lawrence Carroll: So let's get started. I've done order to cash now for the last 10 years for Martin Marietta. And we started our shared service center about three years ago. So what we found is, in this presentation, so one of the questions I have is, how often do you have a conflict with one of your customers? if you have a conflict for one of your customers, it 90% of the time, it's going to be something that we've done. It's not normally the customer, at least in our industry. So what we've tried to do is identify the packets where the conflicts are starting to avoid deductions, avoid the slowness and payments. And just to make the customer onboarding process easier, and we've had some really good success with that, so some of the consequences of conflicts with your customers, again, our deductions, slow payments, slow onboarding customer complaints. We were on average, it would take us two days to onboard a customer. Payment terms weren't set up correctly, sales-people weren't properly assigned to the accounts. Sales Tax wasn't set up correctly. So we were getting a lot of deductions, a lot of complaints. And we…

What you'll learn

  • Establish proper workflows between credit and collections to improve customer service
  • Implement a customer-first training plan to offer standardized customer experience and reduce churn

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