Avoiding the Consequence of Inaccurate Forecasting: Visibility, Collaboration and AI


Jamie Munnik

Assistant Controller,

Ernie Humphrey



[0:00] Announcer: Thank you all for joining today's session on how to gain visibility of cash and improve collaboration with AI. Today, we have with us Jamie Munnik, assistant controller at Johnsonville & Ernie Humphrey currently serves as the CEO of Treasury webinars. And as the CEO of 360 thought leadership consulting. We have Charity here with us who are going to circulate the signboard and you know what to do, you just need to put your name and email address on it. It will help you gain one credit for CTB recertification. So, Jamie and Ernie, the stage is all yours. Thank you. [0:37] Ernie Humphrey: Thank you so much, sir. And thank you, everyone, so much for waking up with us this morning. And thank you to Jamie for being brave enough to speak with me. So that's a lot to handle. So I think we have a unique session today. Because usually, when we have practitioners, so I talked about theory, we're talking to someone that is like they're at the end of the journey. And so Jamie's a little bit, the beginning of the journey. So earlier in the conference, they're like, way out at the…

What you'll learn

Jamie Munnik of Johnsonville addresses the implications of an inaccurate cash forecast on the budgeting process and what are the far-reaching consequences this would have on organizational growth, investments, fundings decisions.

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