Beyond Working Capital Management – Cash Conversion Cycle Optimization


Jeff Diorio

Treasury Strategies

Paul LaRock

Treasury Strategies


[0:00] Host Speaker: Thank you for joining today's session on how to design a data-driven collection and disbursement strategy that will enhance working capital metrics which also lowers processing cost. We have here with us, Paul LaRock and Jeff Diorio. Paul LaRock is a director with treasury strategies, a division of Novartis and co-manages the corporate advisory practice. He also has specific expertise in the international treasury, transaction processing, and working capital management. Jeff Diorio is a director at Treasury strategies works with corporate treasury departments, treasury technology vendors. Jeff has more than 30 years of experience in both financial technology as well as global treasury operations that allow him to bring a strategic focus to this leadership role. So without further ado, Paul and Jeff, the stage is all yours. Thank you. Round of applause everyone for them. [0:57] Paul LaRock: Well, welcome, everybody. Thank you for coming to our presentation. By way of background, Noventa security strategies were consulting firms Novartis is the name we use to consult the banks and treasury strategies is when we use we consult to accounts payable, accounts receivable and treasury departments. So we're corporate facing. Jeff and I have that corporate practice.…

What you'll learn

“While the traditional working capital focus on DSO, DPO and DIO benefits the balance sheet, a cash conversion cycle optimization approach incorporates reduction of all costs associated with the processing of transactions inherent in working capital management. This session will describe how to design a data-driven collections and disbursements strategy that will enhance working capital metrics while also lowering processing costs”

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