Digital Treasury: Technology Innovations & Opportunities


Julie Weaver

VP – Treasury,
Caliber Collision


[0:00] Announcer: Thank you for joining today's session to know the latest technology innovations in the Treasury world. We have with us Julie Weaver, Director of Treasury at Caliber collision centers. Julie was a sixth-grade spelling bee champion, but she also plays sports in the all-city 1600 yard track event. She's very involved in various boards and has received many awards, including the coin of excellence from Caliber. Julie, the stage is all yours, a round of applause, everyone. [0:30] Julie Weaver: All right. Well, thank you for being here to talk about and especially innovations instead of the happy hour going on right now. And I will preface this with I think a lot of the presentations have been given in this room by consultants, and we don't see any and why and I'm just a treasury professional. And so I'm going to talk to you about what I know, what I'm thinking, what projects I'm interested in doing and hopefully this can be very interactive. I would love to hear what you're thinking about. And what's interesting to you guys too. [1:07] Julie Weaver: So we're going to talk about first, here's the agenda, the evolution of technology,…

What you'll learn

Julie Weaver, VP-Treasury of Caliber Collision speaks on this session about how Treasurers can develop a toolkit for the successful digital transformation of their treasury function starting from finding the right tools to handling the team’s transition to adopt these new technologies.

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