Intelligent Automation For Customer-Centric O2C : Lessons From Shurtech And Yaskawa


Elizabeth Chamorro

Senior Credit Manager,
International Credit and A/R,

Marinko Marijolovic

Director, Corporate Credit,
Shurtech Brands


[0:00] Marinko Marijolovic: So before we get started, we'll just kind of tell you guys a little bit about our companies. So you guys just kind of have a vibe from our perspective as to where we're coming from. So I work for certain brands. We're a company that's owned by Shurtech. We got two locations in the Avon, Ohio location, which is outside of Cleveland, Ohio, and our headquarters is in Hickory, North Carolina outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Our company is fairly centralized. So finance is centralized all through one reporting structure, but we are in different locations. So I handle all the credit collections, cash, AR, anything related to that realm, and my whole team sits in Avon but my boss and the General Accounting folks, for example, are in North Carolina. We are primarily a manufacturer of tape products. So the gaffers tape you see on the carpet most likely was probably made by us but we sell to the room tail side for to Home Depot, Walmart folks that would resell the product to us, the consumer. So some of our brands are like frog tape or T-rex or anything that's got like a little…

What you'll learn

  • Shurtech’s guide to align internal teams and processes to achieve the customer satisfaction objectives
  • How Yaskawa leveraged order-to-cash automation for better end-user experience

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