Leveraging Technology to Drive Career Success in Treasury


Ernie Humphrey

Treasury Webinars


[0:02] Ernie Humphrey: It's a pleasure to be here. It's a little bit of a journey. I've been trying to get here for three years now. So that's another story. So welcome everyone to Radiance. So, we don't have to be a huge crowd but we're gonna make some noise everyone just make some noise. Well, that's right, there we go. So, I think this is really important and I appreciate the fact that they're letting me kick this off because I think it's really important today as we go through the sessions that you think about the technology and how it's going to impact your career and how you're going to use it to make your job easier but also to help you collaborate. And so, the things that really are going to matter, as we redefine Treasury that we do every year, so here's what I say, technology, collaboration, and innovation. And so we'll go through a lot of content. So please stop me from going too quickly, you can have the slides. So thank you so much, everyone, for investing your time with me and more importantly, getting up so early in the morning. [1:06] Ernie Humphrey:…

What you'll learn

  • Leverage technology and build the right relationships to deliver forecasts
  • Manage financial risks while delivering business analysis that impacts performance

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