Setting up Reporting Dashboards: 4 Costly Errors by Your SAP Implementation Consultants You Wish You Knew Earlier


Krutarth Kosambi

Senior Functional Analyst,


[00:00] Krutarth Kosambi: All right, so four costly errors. That generally people, you know, go through during SAP implementation. The first thing I want to start with is the fact that how is it different? How are the reports and a dashboard different? At the same time, how is it different from a scorecard, right? I mean, your report is something which looks at what is on the left. It's a tabular format. I mean, you kind of have to look at it to find a specific number or to find what's going on. [00:40] Krutarth Kosambi: A scorecard is more about, you know, what you did monthly or what you did yearly and how you are doing against either what's budgeted, what's a plan, or how you're doing against the industry. Right. The way a dashboard is different from a report or a scorecard is that the dashboard is something that is used for monitoring. Right. It has real-time data. And what it does is within a few seconds, like within five or 10 seconds, if you look at a dashboard, you should be able to take some kind of a decision, right? So it's very important that your…

What you'll learn

  • Understand the requirements of a consultant to build an efficient dashboard for your business
  • Top 4 mistakes that you could avoid to reduce the extra cost of building your next dashboard

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