The Subtle Art of Inter-Teams Collaboration in A/R


George Uko

Manager of Credit & Collections,

Barbara Carpenter

Senior Manager, Customer Financial Services,

Laura Garcia

Manager, Customer Financial Services,


[0:00] Analisa: Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and get started. And thank you guys so much for joining today's session on the subtle art of inter-team collaboration in AR. And today we did have a panel discussion, and our moderator couldn't think of the word there. All her moderator of this panel discussion will be Kush Kumar is the AVP of solution engineering here at HighRadius. And we also have three lovely speakers. We have George Uko, who is the manager of credit and collections at Staples. We have Barbara Carpenter, who is the senior manager of customer financial services at Danone, as well as last but not least, Laura Garcia, who is the manager of customer financial services also at Danone. So with that being said, Kush, the stage is yours. [0:44] Kush Kumar: Thank you. Thank you, Analisa. Thank you, everyone, for joining this session. I think this is a topic that we have spoken about a lot in the last half a decade, at least when we talk about collaboration. For me, the best example of collaboration is this conference, Radians. Right? In this company HighRadius, the sales team, the product management, the finance team, of…

What you'll learn

  • Understanding the various personas who interact with a credit manager
  • Culture or technology? The answer to resolving lack of inter-team collaboration

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