Understanding Treasury Technology Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them


Craig Jeffery

Managing Partner,
Strategic Treasurer


[0:03] Craig Jeffery: Welcome, everyone. I didn't like line dancing that much. So I came to Texas thinking. What do you guys do here? So the topic is technology pitfalls. What are they and how to avoid them? What's the best way to avoid pitfalls? Stay on paper. I think you know you can't stay on paper, you gotta adapt, you have to move and, but in an era and a time of change, and constant adaptation, and the necessity of using technology, how to do that for the victim we can't see me in a building, I don't think we need to go through that, but we're going to cover today. Couple things one what's the current state of Treasury technology our view across the landscape are different categories of what it looks like to look at top usage and adoption challenges. What are your parents and what are you experiencing? And then how do you navigate or no passes to avoid the pitfalls. There's going to be some bumps, maybe some potholes but let's see how we can avoid them as much as possible. And then a little bit of a discussion about managing investments in technology but…

What you'll learn

Treasury departments are adopting new technological innovations to improve efficiencies and outcomes from various treasury functions but what are the important factors a treasurer as a decision-maker should consider during their evaluation to ensure that they pick tech which meets their objectives and helps them realize its full potential.

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