Deductions 2020: Best Practices For Proactive Dispute Management With Artificial Intelligence

About The Webinar

A/R teams today are still looking at Artificial Intelligence as a futuristic technology, even though they could leverage it in the present day to increase their productivity manifold. AI can enable deduction teams in reducing the number of disputes, prioritizing the ones which are of maximum importance and building a strategy for immediate and accurate resolution.
However, in addition to technology, deductions teams also need to follow certain best practices that would create value and improve their productivity while dealing with different customer claims. Hence, A/R leaders today need to figure out the right mix of process (aligned with industry best practices) and technology to support their deductions operations.
Join Kathy Rotondo, Sr. Vice President at IAB Solutions LLC and Sonali Nanda, Vice President, Product Management at HighRadius, in this webinar, as they talk about the right combination of service and AI-powered tools and analytics that would be imperative for deductions teams to thrive in the upcoming year.