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On-Premise Solutions for SAP

HighRadius Accelerators

HighRadius provides Accelerators for SAP Receivables Management modules that enhances the functionality and are fully integrated natively into the SAP modules in real-time. These Accelerators play a critical role in business transformation initiatives requiring a strong Return on investment (ROI) objectives. Additionally, it keeps the customization to minimum and significantly reduces the project risk from a budget and timeline overflow stand-point. Built on top of SAP Netweaver, all the Accelerators are developed in ABAP namespace and certified by SAP.

Dispute & Collections Accelerator

HighRadius Dispute & Collections Accelerator for SAP significantly improves automation and receivables performance by enabling process standardization and the enforcement of best practices with robust, pre-configured workflows for handling customer deductions and invoice disputes. Built on top of the SAP Netweaver platform, the HighRadius solution leverages and extends the functionality of SAP ERP and Dispute & Collections Management.

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Advanced Correspondence Automation

HighRadius Advanced Correspondence Automation for SAP enables 1-click business user configurable correspondence with automated creation and delivery of customer correspondence, such as collection letters, dispute denial correspondence, and credit notifications, directly from SAP. Built in ABAP on top of SAP Netweaver, the HighRadius solution natively extends the functionality of SAP ERP and Receivables Management.

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Credit Decision Accelerator

HighRadius Credit Decision Accelerator for SAP drives automation and efficiency into credit decisioning by automatically gathering credit bureau reports, customer financials and payment history and incorporating the data into a configurable scoring model within SAP. Built in ABAP on top of SAP Netweaver, the HighRadius solution natively extends the functionality of SAP
ERP and Credit Management.

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How Yaskawa America Leveraged SAP Receivables Management Technology to Reduce DSO by 3 Days Resulting in 45% Increase in Working Capital

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