October 16, 2017

CFO Rising West to Feature HighRadius with a CFO Roadmap for Leveraging Accounts Receivables to Speed Up Capital Gain Realization

Join Expert Anuj Saxena from HighRadius as He Shares How to Take Full Advantage of Receivables as a Balance Sheet Asset San Francisco, CA – October 16, 2017 – HighRadius Corporation VP & General Manager, Strategic Accounts Anuj Saxena will be presenting at CFO Rising West Summit on Tuesday, October 17th on how forward-looking CFOs and executives are leveraging the Integrated Receivables approach to connect previously siloed receivables processes, provide end-to-end visibility, and improve operational output and cash flows. While most CFOs are busy tracking high-level metrics for cash flow and working capital, only a select few have been successful in taking full advantage of receivables as a balance sheet asset. Poor receivables performance inflates borrowing costs and eats into the bottom-line through write-offs. Receivables teams looking to address this underperform as they lose productivity in clerical manual tasks and make decisions based on outdated and inaccurate data. Attendees will convene at 9:00 AM on Tuesday to hear Anuj present “Leveraging A/R for Working Capital Gains: A 3-Step CFO Roadmap for Integrated Receivables.” The session will cover approaches in improving key receivables metrics, enabling teams to focus on strategic, value-added tasks. The session will also explore how to achieve increased managerial visibility into process effectiveness, eliminate swivel-chair processes across credit-to-cash and improve customer experience and collaboration by leveraging a single platform for customer correspondence, information, billing and payments.   Anuj’s session topic perfectly aligns with the conference theme of “Exploring the Evolving Role of the Strategic CFO.” The 30th Annual CFO Rising West Summit will showcase how CFOs are adapting to become strategic leaders across a variety of industries in a no-holds barred event. The summit will identify opportunities for CFOs to grow business, discover trends, improve business approach and network to meet other inspiring leaders. For more information or to register, click here. (https://theinnovationenterprise.com/summits/cfo-rising-west-summit-san-francisco-2017/registration) About CFO CFO is a business media company that specializes in enterprise innovation, combining both media and live summits to increase cross-industry knowledge throughout the business community. Through their key channels – Big Data, Analytics, Strategy, Innovation, Digital, Finance, & Operations – CFO connects industry leaders across the business spectrum, from leading Fortune 500 companies to disruptive and exciting new startups. About HighRadius HighRadius is a Fintech enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. The HighRadius™ Integrated Receivables platform optimizes cash flow through automation of receivables and payments processes across credit, collections, cash application, deductions, electronic billing and payment processing. Powered by the Rivana™ Artificial Intelligence Engine and Freda™ Virtual Assistant for Credit-to-Cash, HighRadius Integrated Receivables enables teams to leverage machine learning for accurate decision making and future outcomes. The radiusOne™ B2B payment network allows suppliers to digitally connect with buyers, closing the loop from supplier receivable processes to buyer payable processes. HighRadius solutions have a proven track record of optimizing cash flow, reducing days sales outstanding (DSO) and bad debt, and increasing operational efficiency so that companies may achieve strong ROI in just a few months. To learn more, please visit www.highradius.com. For More Information Contact: Tara Gallagher Senior Marketing Manager tara.gallagher@highradius.com
September, 27, 2022

PwC India and HighRadius Alliance Will Help the Office of the CFO to Embrace Autonomous Finance

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September, 26, 2022

HighRadius Announces Gold Sponsorship of SuiteWorld 2022

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