2020 CPG Agenda: Experts Panel On Top 5 Focus Areas For Dispute Resolution


Mike Thelen

Director, Customer Financial Services,
Land O’ Lakes

Kimberly Erickson

Founder/Principal Consultant,
Optimize Consulting

Roger Anderson

Principal Consultant,
Optimize Consulting

Jacob Whetstone

Director Credit and Accounts Receivable,


[0:00] Host: Good afternoon, everybody. And thank you all so much for joining today's session on the top five areas for dispute resolution. Today we have joined Mike Thelen. He'll be the moderator for today's panel discussion. He's the director of customer financial services at Land ‘O’ Lakes. We also have joined his esteemed panelists, starting with Jacob Whetstone. He is the director of credit and AR at Danone. Along with him, we have Kim Erickson and Roger Anderson, who are both principal consultants at Optimal Consulting. So with that being said, Mike, the stage is yours. [0:42] Mike Thelen: Thank you. I appreciate you guys coming late in the day, the day after the big party. Hopefully, everybody's been recovering by now and has moved from the partying stage to lots of learning and now we get to move back a little bit later to smart partying. This HighRadius Crew puts on a good show. So we're going to start focusing on some more learning. We have an esteemed panel here that is going to answer some questions. But I'd like to make sure that we get input from the audience, either. With additional information, you can add to…

What you'll learn

  • Trend analysis to understand recent changes in CPG deduction patterns and customer behaviour
  • CPG Deductions Agenda : 5 things that would prove to be a game changer in 2020

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