An Entertaining Outlook of The Macro-economy


Scott Colbert

SVP & Chief Economist,
Commerce Trust Company


[0:00] Scott Colbert The crowd can only take away so many things. And so I'm going to give you four things to take away. All right. What's the first one we're going to take away? What's the first thing everyone's talking about when you wake up other than Tesla? [0:15] Scott Colbert Coronavirus, right. All right. Don't worry about it. All right. [0:23] Scott Colbert Second thing, it will have a modest impact, but we expect global growth to accelerate and US growth to accelerate. That is an out of the consensus forecast now because everybody says the coronavirus is going to kill us. Okay. All right. That's, that's the second thing. The third thing is we expect this economic recovery, which is now 10 and a half years old and the longest economic recovery we've ever had in the country to continue to last, a while longer, and a lot longer than the average forecast is. And then the fourth thing we're going to finish with is stocks. You all have too many stocks probably in your 401k, they've gone to the moon. We'll talk about how expensive they are and what you can do to maybe range some…

What you'll learn

Negative rates are a reality in several developed markets across the world but is it possible in the US? Join Scott Colbert, Chief economist of The Commerce Trust company as he speaks on the forces which have driven US rates to historical lows, their nature (cyclic vs secular) and the positive or negative implications they have on member companies.

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