Analyze This: Analytics 2020 Brainstorming Session


Steve Strong

Global Head of B2B Finance Operations & Order to Cash,

Jay Madduru

Manager of Fintech Products,


[0:00] Anchor: Thank you all for joining our session today, our session is going to be over understanding the necessity of integrated analytics within your Order-to-Cash space. So our session today is actually going to be a little bit interactive. Don't get scared. It's gonna be great. But it would be really helpful if we could have everyone move up just a little bit closer to the front so that we can pass the mic around more easily if we need to. So if everyone could just move up to these first few rows, so we're all a little bit closer together. But just to introduce everyone that will be leading the session today. We have Steve Strong, he presently leads Uber's B2B order-to-cash and business operations for Uber freight. We have Jay Madduru and he currently is the manager of FinTech products with Uber and we also have two HighRadians with us today. We have Ramana, he is the VP of Product Management. And we also have Avi, he is on our Solution Engineering team. So with that, I'll go ahead and let Steve kick it off and explain a little bit more. [1:11] Steve Strong: Hi, everybody, just…

What you'll learn

Attend this brainstorming workshop facilitated by Uber to come up with several use cases and instances for integrated analytics in O2C.
Problem Statement: How to make the cloud solutions more interconnected, what role can integrated analytics play in the concept of integrated receivables?

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