Better Working Capital Management with Receivables Financing and Factoring


Aditya Menon


Ravi Akula

Managing Director – Head of Trade Finance eSolutions Sales, Americas,
BNP Paribas

Abhijit Prasad

Managing Director & Chief Product Officer

Chuck Schultz

Chief Strategy Officer


[0:00] Anchor: Thank you for joining today's session, we're going to be having a panel discussion on better working capital management with receivables financing in factoring. Today, we have four panelists, and they are Aditya Menon, who is the CEO of Tallyx. We have Ravi Akula, who is the managing director, head of global trade finance and solution sales at BNP Paribas. We have Abhijit Prasad, who is the Managing Director and Chief Product Officer at GREENSILL. And we have Chuck Schultz, who is SVP of business development at Credit Management Association. Our moderator today is Vikram Gollakota. He has over 13 years of experience in consulting and implementation of SAP solutions in North America and Europe. Vikram has worked for corporations in various industries, including consumer goods, pharmaceutical domains, agriculture, retail, and food processing. So with that being said, panel, the stage is all yours. [1:02] Vikram Gollakota: Thank you. Can y'all hear me okay? I'm loud enough, but just to be sure. Thanks for joining us. I know everybody got the IV shots, there's an IV station if you need them. Receivables financing is a very interesting topic for all of us. And thanks for the panelists who…

What you'll learn

In this panel, join BNP Paribas, CMA and Greensill as they discuss how latest innovations in A/R financing and how they could help treasury and A/R teams with better working capital management while also reducing credit risk

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