Business Process Standardization: Let’s Stop Reinventing the Wheel Everytime


Sari Stagg

Business Process Manager,


[0:00] Sari Stagg: So I work with Danone, North America. I've been with them for a little over 15 years now, and while we go through, I'll talk a little bit about the landscape of our company, and then what we've done to instigate and to create processes and to try to standardize throughout our journey. So we'll talk about, you know, some common misconceptions, you know, get some ideas from you guys of how you deal with your frustrations. You know, how Danone or I will call it, Danone because that's the US version, and I work for Danone for so long, and now we're actually considered part of Danone where FPS, share business services. So if I slip up, don't hold it against me. And then I'll go through just kind of a guide that I used when we were integrating different companies. So what are some of the things I mean, this is some of the stuff that you know, I've thought about but what are some of the things when you guys think about creating processes and trying to standardize what are the big things that you're like? I don't know what you think of while…

What you'll learn

  • Integrate master data during M&As
  • Modern Skill Set Required for Customer Facing O2C Roles

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