C-Suite Alignment for O2C Tech


Frederic Berthoud

Associe, Lhotse Conseil

Lisa Tanner

Director Global Credit and Collections, Nidec


[0:10] Host: Okay so, first of all, thank you for joining us, Frederic. Thank you all for joining us here today at this panel session as well. So Frederic, let's start off by asking you. What you think are the key factors that are responsible for a successful digital O2C transformation project? [00:40] Frederic Berthoud: For me, the key factors for the success of this transformation project go on. As it is a transformation project so we have stakeholder alignment. We need not only different stakeholders from the project from Business, IT, Finance and so on, who need to be aligned at the beginning of the contract and also all along with the contract. You will also need to have a very important sponsorship stakeholder on the main stakeholder just to ship off and go on with the transformation. Also, add some budget, and be sure that you will have the means. The resources and the money to go on with your project. To go on with your transformation project you will also need to define a clear vision and a clear target so that you can define your strategy and then apply at the tactical level. And as this…

What you'll learn

Join the discussion to learn how to tailor a business case for your C-suite and focus on the return on investment, while keeping an eye on internal stakeholders and identifying the right partners for a long-term journey with technology.

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