Digital First: AB InBev’s Digital Transformation Journey


Hana Bísková

Digital Transformation Project Manager,
AB InBev

Mariya Ulasova

Mariya Ulasova, Digital Transformation Lead for Finance and Procurement,
AB InBev


[0:01] Hana Biskova: Alright, so let's talk about our company- Anheuser Busch InBev. We have the vision to build the company which will last for the next 100 plus years. And our dream is to bring people together with the best brands that we have and the best beers. I think you might have heard it. So that's just a summary of how we envision our company. How did we start? So actually, our roots go back to the 12th century to Belgium, when the Belgian monks started brewing the beers in their base. And still today we have our headquarters in both Europe and global business in Belgium and we call Belgium the home of beer for our company. During the 18th and 19th centuries, of course, Belgium the beer production was evolving. And some of the key very famous beer productions such as Labatt in Canada, or Artois in Belgium, they later become also part of our company. So in the 2000s, what happened? There were two separate companies, Interbrew, and I'm Beth. They joined and the new company was established, which became ABInBev. Busch, an American company joined as well. And finally the Anheuser Busch was established.…

What you'll learn

  • ABinBev’s vision of digital transformation being realized within their O2C team
  • Insights for future from ABInBev’s first-hand interaction with automation systems

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