Driving Value and Best Practices with Accepting Credit Cards


Griffith Dudley

Director, B2B Client Management,
American Express


[0:00] Griff Dudley: Hey everybody. How's it going? We'll get started here now as folks continue to file in, they did not read the part of my contract that demands entrance music and sort of the pro wrestling approach to the start here. So I'll be doing my intro. I'm Griff Dudley. I work at American Express. I was the first one to just say thanks to all our partners at HighRadius for giving us the opportunity to chat with you guys today. And thank you all for coming and letting me talk to you about credit cards for the next 30 minutes. It is a little surreal for me to be here today presenting in Dallas Cowboys Stadium. I remember back when I was in high school playing football for rich high school, I told my parents that I'd be performing in a national football stadium at some point, maybe not in this format to talk about credit cards. I'm not sure my family understands what I do for a living. So if you see Anne Dudley on the road, just tell her it was sports-related. We'll do it that way. [0:58] Griff Dudley: Just a little preview of…

What you'll learn

  • Leverage an e-Invoice portal to dictate how you accept Credit Card and automatically enforce payment terms.
  • Incentivize the buyer to change behavior
  • Achieve sustainable business growth with credit

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